Book cover

Book cover - student project

I LOVED this class. I have learned so much about poster design. I hope Ellen will teach more classes.

As my final project I decided to make a book cover for "Prep" by Curtis Sittenfeld because I couldn't think about a movie with a noun in the title that I recently saw. 

I loved the book and I find that the current cover does not do it justice. It strongly suggests a novel for teenagers, perhaps a lovestory. While "Prep" could be enjoyed by some teenagers it's an amazing book for people of all ages. 

List of nouns:

beautiful buildings



dinning hall

prep school sports: rowing, lacrosse



List of feelings/actions:


observing people 



I made some drawings and researched some of the themes of pinterest. Since it's a book, not a movie I didn't have a lot of visual background.

I decided to go ahead to go with 2 ideas.

Idea 1.

Large golden pearl stud ear ring on the background of blue checkers.

(getting her ears pierced was an important moment in the book, pearls are a common accessory in a prep kind school, several characters in the book wore blue checkers shirts)

I may also try the ear ring on the neutral backgruond. I don't want it too look to pastel and sunny because the book is quite dark.

Idea 2.

Inspired by a photo I found on pinterest. I girl with long hair facing the camera, the photo is cut above her lips, she's holding a cup of takeout coffee. It would make it personal, and bit dark. In the book we get a very deep honest insight into the life of the main character. Perhaps having a person on the cover would convey that meaning.