Blue Ribbon Ponies

Blue Ribbon Ponies - student project

Hey, I'm Cindy Willingham, an artist, illustrator, sewing, and surface pattern designer- basically, just a maker at heart, living life in the Pine Tree State of Maine. Come find me on Instagram as @reveldesigns !!

I've vectorized watercolor images but am excited with the new info of making my files smaller and recoloring! I do a lot of florals so I wanted to try something a bit different. We have a mini horse and are buying my daughter's first saddle horse, so I've got horses on the brain at the moment. I painted many elements, but in the end kept it simple. My laptop and Illustrator kept crashing, not enough RAM. I was able to make a coordinating pattern and love the blue ribbons!

Blue Ribbon Ponies - image 1 - student project

Blue Ribbon Ponies - image 2 - student project