Ball Beauty

Ball Beauty - student project

Ball Beauty is a beauty supply store in Los Angeles that opened in the 1950's. It is a Mom-n-Pop shop which was also the first company to sell beauty supplies to the general public. I am designing a logo for their (imaginary) hair product line. I want it to feel cutting edge while still giving a nod to their vintage past.

Ball Beauty - image 1 - student project

 I am inspired by Vintage Beauty Parlor signs which feel very feminine combined with...Hair Band Logos!!

Ball Beauty - image 2 - student project

Ball Beauty - image 3 - student project

This White Lion logo is my FAV!

Ball Beauty - image 4 - student project

Ball Beauty - image 5 - student project

Beginning sketches:

I started feeling out the letters/words...

Ball Beauty - image 6 - student project

Ball Beauty - image 7 - student project

Ball Beauty - image 8 - student project

Ball Beauty - image 9 - student project

Found a few directions that I liked, but realized not all of them paid off my original concept. Worked more in this direction with the B's being Old English influenced:

Ball Beauty - image 10 - student project

Final sketch:

Ball Beauty - image 11 - student project

I realized I didn't go tight enough here which made my process longer on the computer. I wish I'd experimented here with thicker letter forms as well.

Digitized logo with options:

It was incredibly hard to get those PERFECT looking letters like Mickey's with the pen tool. I still think some of mine are off - the A's bother me. 

I felt at the end of the process that there wasn't enough hair metal influence, so tried to add some into the "y" character.

Final logo:

Ball Beauty - image 12 - student project

Anne Bioty Hilder

Advertising Creative