B Life Gym

B Life Gym - student project

 Hi everyone! I tried to make the logo for BLifeGym


My moodboard

B Life Gym - image 1 - student project

I made several sketches inspired by the lotus flower, symbol of inner calm and spiritual well-being.

I tried some color variations, including blue, turquoise which represent the sense of calm and relaxation and green.


B Life Gym - image 2 - student project

My very basic brand board for the final logo

B Life Gym - image 3 - student project


Thank you very much for this class that has allowed me to improve the process of creating a logo, I learned a lot from your advice and hope improve over time.

I would like to have your suggestions about the logo, thanks!

Is it possible to include these project brief in my portfolio?



Chiara Senatore

Graphic designer