Aren't they helpful afterall? ;)

Aren't they helpful afterall? ;) - student project

As I said in my review of this class, I'm a lazy artist and rarely draw any kind of sketches before I go for the final piece I'm imagining. Obviously that leads to many trial and error, sometimes with not-so-cheap tools...

So, I decided to give thumbnails another try and sketched down a few ideas for a piece I wanted to gift someone who loves planes. At first, I thought of drawing two airplanes, the 14-Bis and another modern airplane. I sketched it and didn't quite like it, so I tried sketching the two planes separately. Then, while researching the 14-Bis, I thought of adding a drawing of Santos Dumont to go along with the airplane, and I ended up liking the idea!

Aren't they helpful afterall? ;) - image 1 - student project

Then I added color to the thumbnail to decide how I was going to paint it, and finally went with the last color palette.

Aren't they helpful afterall? ;) - image 2 - student project

That was fun!

I'll try to incorporate sketching thumbnails into my practice, because I actually think they help achieve better results.

I hope they like it. ;)

Marina Kater

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