Answer to project question

Answer to project question - student project

Class Project
Please answer the following questions:

  1. How many distinct shades of colour can our eyes see? It could be 5

  2. What was sacrificed in order to allow an increased capacity to process colour? It could be memory

  3. What are the 3 factors impacting our perception of colour? Emotion, standard knowledge, favorite color

  4. Give one example from your maternal language (with translation) where a colour is used to express a feeling. Bạn có muốn đổ máu không? (Do you want to get a bleeding battle?)

  5. If you wanted to dim down the energy in a room, which colours would you chose for the walls? It’s blue, it helps us to stay calm

  6. If you wanted to make a neighbourhood feel safe, what colours would you paint on the walls? It’s blue, it helps us to friendly

  7. What is the impact of long term sensory deprivation? It makes us be easy to all things

  8. What is the first colour ever to be discovered on the objects of people? red

  9. What t-shirt colour would you choose to increase your chances to win in a game? Blue & grey - it makes me confident to be myself

  10. What colour is supposed to have a calming effect and is used in some prisons? Grey and blue