Abstract fish pattern

Abstract fish pattern  - student project

Hi, I am trying to make a pattern out of my watercolor doodles. I am trying to make pattern designs for a client, but I'm not very experienced in it. She would like more sea creatures in it, but I'm working on the process of how to make a pattern first. what do you think about this pattern? She wants me to make 7 different designs and possibly send it out to a company that does fabric printing. I'm not sure what companies I could send it too though. (we are both very inexperienced in this field, but we want the project to come true) People, including my mother keep telling me my art style would look wonderful on fabric, and I would love to design fabric out of my artwork, but I just don't know the steps to how to go about doing that. also, should I make this pattern into a vector? 

Also, I have CS 6 and when I try to make into a swatch, it only makes the pattern into blocks and not a consistent pattern for some reason. also how to save swatches so I can use them on different Ai files too?