A Humble Beginning

A Humble Beginning - student project

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As an elf, you start out in the city of Encora. You are visiting your older brother Ari, and his wife, Tulip. “This is a special day indeed little brother, for you have finally come of age. It is time for you to choose what you want to be.”
Your brother takes you to the center of the city where the magical white marble pillars stand in a half circle. The first pillar on the left has a warrior etched into it, the second pillar is a scout, the third is a wizard, fourth is a druid, and the last one is a cleric. You walk up to the middle pillar and put your hand on it. As the palm of your hand comes in contact with the smooth marble surface, the etching lights up and the pillar vibrates as power flows up your arm and around your body. 
When the power surge ends Ari drapes his arm over your shoulder and gives you a small leather pouch with a few coins in it. You open the pouch and see three shiny platinum coins and know that it would have taken him at least a year to earn this much money. "I didn't think it would feel this...magical." you say with a smirk, then your expression turned  serious as you face your brother fully and hand the pouch back to Ari. "I cannot take your money; it looks like you saved up for years! I can spend a few weeks learning how to enchant items for our warriors for a little bit of coin."
"Are you sure, brother? Ari asks. "We have enough money to get by,  it would not burden us to give you the platinum."
"I am positive! Use that for Tulip. I'm sure if I need assistance in the future, I can always rely on you! How can I help the community with my newly gifted powers?"
Ari nods "Of course, you can come to me for anything!  He points to the large tree to the left of the palace. "The wizards guild will have spells for you, and they can teach you about enchanting. Once you know the basics Guard Captain Clematis at the queen's palace may need some weapons and armor enchanted for her guards."