1932 Vogue cover

1932 Vogue cover - student project

Hallo :) Brad, thank you! Gallery speaks for itself - people love this course and I love it too. So, I decided to dive deeper into Illustrator. For my project I choose a Vogue cover made by André Edouard Marty in 1932:

1932 Vogue cover - image 1 - student project

Firstly I built a color palette. I sat my colours to global, so making changes was very easy.

I started from basic shapes (background, table, lamp and chair), next I recreated a lady with a pen tool. I used brush and blob brush for tiny details and strokes. I used pen tool for title and old good Futura for other texts. The last step was adding textures. I did it from bitmap images using Brad's instructions. And, yeah, I admit - I made a little Vogue cover reading by my lady in Photoshop ;)

These are all steps:

1932 Vogue cover - image 2 - student project

And this is the final work:

1932 Vogue cover - image 3 - student project

I know, my colours are more vibrant and surfaces less "hand made", but I decided to stop at this point before this cover will turn into an obsession ;) Thank you again Brad, and thank you guys for all your great projects!