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wix website building service - student project

Sample Video Script for WIX

Using the Skillshare: Perfect Explainer Video Class




Building a website from scratch can be a tedious and complicated process and impossible for a newbie like Tom.

Is there another way?


General Solution:

Tom needs a way that is easy, DIY user-friendly, and affordable?

That’s why I introduced Tom to Wix. A website building Do-It-Yourself service that anyone can use because no coding skills are required.

None, Zilch, Zero EVER!


Introduce Product:

Wix uses a drag and drop model to building websites and they have over 500 pre-made templates to choose from in every niche making it a cinch for any tech newbie, even Tom.


How it works, general:

You just sign up and get started in under 60 seconds. Everything for your website has been thought of and is offered by Wix.


How it works, specific:

Custom domains supported, optimized for mobile phones, SEO optimized, video, animation, backgrounds and media galleries are available, manage your contacts and customers, analytics, wix chat, social media tools integration, manage and grow your business with wix store, wix blog, wix photography, wix restaurant and more. All the ways you need to promote your business is there at Wix.


Value proposition, exclusive benefits:

Now, don’t worry if you don’t know what all those things are. Wix can explain all those features and more in their free training at Wix academy.

Now, If Tom feels like he needs more support and options, Wix does have premium plans that he can subscribe to at any time.


Call to action:

So, do what Tom did and what millions of other tech newbies did and signup for Wix to build your website.  

Click here and get started for FREE!


Create your own website for free -exactly the way you want.