portrait - student project

First of all thank you for the class. I was challenged and believe i learned much. Secondly i would like to say i'm sorry that i didn't use oil paints for this portrait exercise. i don't have oil paints so i used gouache since it's what i'm focusing on now. most of what you demonstrated applied to gouache i believe. When i get oil paints i will try this lesson again. I still have a lot to learn (especially about hair).  Thanks



i finally ordered water mixable oils. got a six tube beginner set from winsor newton.  it includes titanium white, yellow ochre, french ultramarine, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow and pthlao green. also got a canvas sheet pad.  i tried the painting again and it came out a bit different. it's my first time using oils so it was a challenge. i used whate4ver brushes i had and did my best. i could keep refining it but i'll consider it finished. i have a lot to learn.