What Inspires Me - Project

What Inspires Me - Project - student project

This class was very helpful in getting me to look back and reflect on what inspires me and my artwork! I have had a Pinterest account for a couple years now and I use it regularly for multiple purposes, one of them being to keep me inspired to create! Below from top to bottom are pictures of my top two boards that inspire me which you can view here: 



Below those is a picture of a list of (some) things that inspire me as well as a finished drawing that reflects on a couple of big things that inspire me. I didn't include everything that inspires me because the world is full of extraordinary things that get my creative juices flowing but those listed here are the ones that influence me the most :)

I hope you like my project and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

Btw, this is the pin that inspired me for the finished drawing below:


What Inspires Me - Project - image 1 - student projectWhat Inspires Me - Project - image 2 - student project


What Inspires Me - Project - image 3 - student project


What Inspires Me - Project - image 4 - student project

Natalie Cohen

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