Watercolor Lettering

Watercolor Lettering - student project

I've been brush lettering for awhile and I'm a watercolor beginner, so it was fun to fuse two hobbies for this class!

I used my Artist's Loft palette from Michael's. I also tried out a new brush: Royal and Langnickel's script brush in 20/0. Not sure if this was made for watercolor lettering, but I did prefer it over my regular watercolor brushes!

Warming up my lettering while watching the videos:

Then I lettered a rainbow alphabet and a pangram. I tried to apply color blending here, but my paint was too dry.

In this one, I felt more comfortable with this new lettering medium. I like how "Amethyst" turned out and the colors of "summer".

Mixed some colors to obtain these muted colors that reminded me of Asian dessert flavors!

I was excited to hear that watercolor lettering would be an easy transition from brush lettering, but it was harder than I expected! I want to work on smoother color blending and will continue uploading to my project as I letter more. :) Thanks for the class, Peggy!



I tried lettering with other brushes and preferred the round 01 brush the most. It allowed me to pick up more water, so the colors were easier to blend!

Here are some things I made with the round 01:

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