Teach me

Teach me - student project

Teach me to cry,
to let my tears flow,
to let go.

Teach me to speak,
I’m hoarse from silencing,
I am tired of hiding.

Teach me to touch,
without an agenda,
for the sake of wonder.

Teach me to be naked,
to be lathered in oil,
and not recoil.

Teach me to want,
to give it a try,
before its time to die,

Teach me to be,
there is far too much doing,
barely any being.

Teach me to care,
enough to learn,
enough to forget.


While writing I felt present yet not present, like something moving through me to get this out of me. As a result, I feel like I don't need to hide or seek approval. I can just share for sharing sake. Maybe someone somewhere will see it and feel acknowledged and seen.

Julz Amare

poet, yogi, working in impact creation