Smart Goals

Smart Goals - student project

10 year goal: I have at least two established longer series - established meaning enough entries have been published for fans to meet and fall in love with the characters, though they still have the potential to become bigger - and at least three shorter (single book) projects completed, that I can look back on with fond memories. 

I want to be doing some sort of Q and A panel about my work, and have someone come up and ask a question, and it turns out it's about one of my earlier works, and it's the first time in a while that someone has mentioned it. Hearing someone ask about it brings up a flood of positive memories, the same way I feel when I think about something I read or watched several years ago that I haven't thought of since then, and suddenly I have a dozen memories I want to share with this fan. Of the other people in the audience, which is pretty packed, some of them are thinking "!!! aahhh I remember that book omg that was sooooo good!" and some are thinking, "Oh, what's that? I haven't read it," and the latter type will have someone next to them say, "Oh, you haven't read it? You *have* to, it's *so* good! If you like their later work, you'll love this, too!" 


That might be a little dramatic and self-aggrandizing, but... 


I also want to have collaborated with others on making either an animated movie or TV series, or a stage play, whether that's an adaptation of one of my novels or graphic novels, or an original work for that medium.


1 Year Goals:

Finish Emerald Prince, my first comic project, and book one of my second project, Crown of Altair. 

Find at least some readers. 



I don't know where I'll be in 5 years, in terms of progress towards my 10 year goals, so I'm just going to say "5 books by 5 years from now". 




30 Day Goals:

Finish the script for Emerald Prince (about 10/12 chapters outlined, 2/12 chapters scripted)

Find a beta reader/ critique partner. 

Continue posting illustrations of the characters online.


60 Day Goals: 

Edit EmPri script, and begin drawing the comic.

Continue posting illustrations, and maybe make some sort of countdown to launch?


90 Day Goals:

Have EmPri mostly drawn

Begin posting.

Have my script settled enough that I can focus on drawing, and start preparing the next script (EmPri is complete in 12 chapters, the next thing I want to do is the first 12-chapter book of Crown of Altair, a series that I have an idea for, which I'm thinking of doing 5 12-chapter books for... but I don't know yet. Part 1 might be just 6 chapters, but I'm not focusing on that until after I finish EmPri.)


I hope this is SMART enough... the only thing is, it's dependent on other people... I've been trying to find a beta reader or critique partner for a while - like years - but I haven't been able to find other writers who don't hate my work because it's not dystopian. I try talking to people, but they don't respond... my whole life, I've been trying to write things, but I've never finished anything because I've never had anyone to ask a question to, who isn't just going to say it's ~** amazing **~ just because it exists, or it's trash because it's not dystopian... (or it's.... "well, certainly interesting..." down their nose, because it's not a memoir).