Sketching - student project

I currently don't have the tools to add color but I wanted to do a rough sketch of a particular character named Noot, nothing fancy, just a character that is very inspired by 90's cartoons like Animaniacs and Tiny Toons.

Sketching - image 1 - student project

This character is one of the protagonist of a videogame I'm making.
After everything I learned here I decided to redesign it, here's the before an after:

Sketching - image 2 - student project

The before is the left one, the after is the one on the right side.

As you can see the overall appeal increased dramatically, Noot now looks a little more cartoony, friendly, young, naive, curious and midly athletic, the aspects I was going for from the start but didn't nailed.

It took me several sketches and iterations to get to the final design, it was two days of constant work and learning, I tried different cloths, colors, and more, at nearly the end I selected one with a hoodie, but I really wanted to add the wristband to make him look a little more athletic and young, so I went a little bold and use a long sleeve hoodie with one arm always lifted while the other wasn't, it looked nice on paper but for pixel art it didn't worked at all, so I decided to remove the hoodie and put him on a basic shirt.

As you can see, the overall shape is the same, I just added some little details here and there, but that was more than enough to make the two designs looks more like father and son, rather than being the same character, I also used another trick for the shadows, I used a shade of purple instead of black, it gives such a warm feel to the shadows that black does not, gotta thank Ira Marcks for that one.

I think I can improve it even more by working on the shadows, but overall, I won't be changing any more big details, I'm quite happy with this result.


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