Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

My favourite Tool in Adobe Camera Raw is Target Adjustment Tool. We can Achieve a lot with Just this One Tool. 

In the Above Image, I used Target Adjustment Tool-Saturation Feature only and turned everything black and white except the Blue colour  & Orange colour, which is visible on the T-shirt and little box in the background and little bit on the Budha Statue on the Shanti Stupa. 

I have not used any other adjustment like Exposure, Contrast etc. In the Last Part of this Master Adobe Camera Raw series we will be using all the features of the Adobe Camera Raw to give this image final Touch. 

So, Go ahead and create your own Project and Tell me which one is your Favourite Tool in Adobe Camera Raw and what you like about that, if you want you can share your images also using that Tool only. 

Thank you!

Harsh Vardhan

Photo Editing-Video Editing Classes