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Hello, my name is Io, and I'm currently working on a political horror novella/dime novel, but I realized I need a bit more practice writing horror.  I want to use horror as a medium to convey the anxiety and the fear that people have when it comes to capitalism, racism, and the complete social inequality that most people feel in a day to day, living within American capitalist culture. Utilizing horror as a tool to convey these ideas to those who have no idea what that may be like.


How is horror important to you?

It is a manifestation of the inner darkness of human consciousnesses, and how those actions inevitably have consequences. To me, fear is simply an extension of nature, without it we could probably not survive given that it forms part of our survival mechanisms. Horror allows us to explore the darker sides of the imagination, and through this exploration we can see our flaws, as well as our strengths in overcoming fear. It's also great way to question our own mortality and existence.

My Fear

The greatest fear I have does not come from the absence of life beyond. Nor does it come from a fear of being threatened or loss of existence. Although marionettes are terrifying, the fear of loss and being alone is perhaps the worst one of all. I value solitude, but that is because I give myself that space to be in solitude. But to be completely alone, with no one to turn to, no brother to call my own or mother to see grow old scares me. I often think of how terrifying that would be, if I ever saw my sibling pass away, or my mother come to her end so soon. Or if I end up outliving them all and being alone after death would be the worst thing imaginable. It is my attachment to my family that has created these important bonds, but it also haunts me every time a thought comes wandering in. I’d rather die than to be alone without my family, without even my friends. Loneliness is the cause of my anxieties; abandonment is the thing that fuels my depression. It is hard to shake off, and when I am not seen it gets worse. Being ignored by my family hurts, and only grows the fear that I am not wanted, that I will be alone forever. It is not something anyone would want. We humans are social creatures and to be denied social bonds, or for those bonds to be ripped away from you, that would be terrifying. In a world where isolation has become the new norm, I’ve had my friends near me since I haven’t been able to see my family. But all of this has only made my fear grow. The septic bag of horror that now hangs over me needs to be thrown out, but it is difficult because it is something I keep returning to. It is a fear that lingers in an age of uncertainty and all I ever hope is that my family is OK.

write about fear

What is fear? Fear is your heart racing, your brain not understanding why the scenario has induced panic deep within you. The cold shivers you feel when faced with something you don't understand. The anxiety that traps you, and doesn't let you go. It enslaves your mind, and lets your imagination run wild in all directions as it tries to make sense of the situation that you have just been put into. Fear is a desire to run, a desire to feel safe. The vulnerability, the weakness, the helplessness that one feels when put under the stressors created by fear drive it. It is an inescapable flight, as survival becomes top priority when your in a state of fear induced trauma. Safety is the important feeling you chase when you're afraid

What is uncanny?

The formation of a face on the surface of mars, or even the uncanny resemblance of humans and the behavior of other apes.


21st Century Horror

Fire burst from the engine of a vehicle, becoming molten so fast that it was unrecognizable from its squad car origin. A young boy, no older than 18 now ran from bullet fire and tear gas that had just started shooting out, not wanting to become the next victim of the boys in blue. He didn’t think that the night would turn out this way, with many being swiped up by unmarked vehicles ordered by the commander in chief who now considered the young boy a terrorist. A terrorist? He though, not truly understanding how his actions were classified as terrorist behavior. He had barely made it out, most his friends have been taken away, and he had no idea where of if he was ever going to see them again. All he knew now was that he had to run. Run as far away as possible. He had no way of defending himself. He was small, thin and only wore black clothing to hide his identity. He wasn’t truly expecting to have to defend himself from gunfire. He felt vulnerable. What more could he do, fight the forces that took his friends? What would his mother think? What if he had disappeared too, would she even know. He ran, sirens began to woo from all directions. He could hear them in the street over on his left, and the street over on his right, until one stopped at the end of the street he ran towards. His heart sank, there was nowhere else to go. People screamed behind him, some getting shot at by canisters of gas that now shrouded the streets in a thin milky vail of noxious chemicals. He coughed a bit, texted his mother an I love you and continued running, hoping to evade the armed forces that now waited by their glowing red and blue lights that shined in the distance down the street. He made a left through an alleyway, saw some people running until a vehicle hit a few of them and snatched the ones that weren’t hit. In their distraction, they didn’t even notice the small eighteen-year-old. His mother texted back, she said “where are you? Are you ok? Please Jeremy, come home. I am seeing the news, please tell me you’re alright.” As he read the text, he didn’t notice that a squad car had just pulled up in front of him. He tried running for his life, but two other armed men rushed on his small frame and slammed him to the ground with a gun now pointed to his head as they cuffed him. Tears flooded down his eyes. Will he be set free; will he ever say anything to his mother? The phone remained open, his head staring right at the last message he was about to send his mother “I am running as fast as I can, I will...” Was this the last time he would ever see the sky or feel the breeze of the summer evening. He was thrown into an unmarked vehicle, not knowing where he was going. And as the car drove away, the phone remained open, with texts from his mother coming in saying “Jeremy? Please answer? Jeremy?” one after the other, panicked texts came in, only thing was that Jeremy was nowhere to be found to respond to his mother one last time.


Horror by daylight

Jeremy felt watched. Not by monsters hiding in every dark corner, after all he was walking in broad daylight. No, he felt like he was being followed, as eyes were fixed while he walked in his friends million dollar neighborhood. It didn't matter where he went, the green and lightblue gazes looked towards him with mistrust, expecting him to make a wrong move somehow. His friend payed no mind. He felt exposed, feeling swept away by an unshakable anxiety that permeated deep within himself. "just act normal." he thought to himself, looking straight at his phone, guided by a map that directed him to his friends house. Jeremy heard a vehicle behind him, a rush of tires burning into well kept roads when he suddenly heard a siren from behind him. He started panicking as his heart raced. "Did they call the police on me?" he asked himself, "I'm just walking here?". He did his best to stay calm. Slowly, he turned to look behind him. The squad car made a left, driving away from his position, the siren now fading away. He sighed in relief, but still remained vigilant. He wasn't that far from his friends place. He walked up the next road and walked into a cul-de-sac where his friends house waited at the end of the street. A woman, outside watered her plants gazed at Jeremy, phone at hand as she kept an eye on him. He called his friend, "Hey Donny, I'm right here." The old woman started dialing her phone, Jeremy stood outside the gate hoping Donny would hurry. She picked up her phone and started talking to someone. Jeremy just turned, minding his own business, heart racing again. He turned, the old woman was still on the phone, her eyes met his and he turned quickly, looking towards the house behind the fence that rested on the foot of a mountain. Donny finally walked out.

The blonde boy smiled, looking at his friend as he opened the gate catching a glimpse at the old woman and how tense Jeremy was. "Hey, Mrs. Ellis! I think i saw your husband leave with some younger woman the other night! Maybe you should be more worried about your personal life and leave my friend alone!" She was appalled, and stormed off back into her home. "Racist fucking hag. You ok?"

"I'm fine, lets get out of here. Your street gives me the creeps."



What don't I know?

Are there truths beyond our perception of reality?

The being stood there, though we could not see it. Human eyes can't possibly understand it. Does it exist in infrared? Is it's form composed of matter the way we know it. Who knows, but whatever our eyes cannot see, it is definitely heading for us.

Could beings exist side by side to ourselves in a parallel realm?

You see that, a tear in the fabric of reality. It looks like a small window, a crack  floating in the ether. There's a roar coming from it. Something is clawing its way out. Science can't fully explain it, but it appears that this realm exists as a mirror to our own, a backwards reality where time maneuvers itself vastly differently than our own.

Is there anything at the end of time?

I am immortal. No love has stayed long enough and I have endured countless worlds before this one. Time and space contract like the breath we take into our lungs. Existence becomes lonely,  isolated as I watch the end of time. Nothingness surrounds me, I float alone even after the sun has gone and joined the absence of infinity, but I remain. Alone. A watchful sentinel that bears witness to the beginning of a new universe when all comes back into itself before the release of the universe next breath.


Research topic for horror story:

The sun went dim. Scientists scurried to discover the source, as governments attempted to calm the public. Atop a mountain, astronomers looked closely as something massive entered the solar system. The suns surface became volatile. A neutron star had emerged from the unknowns of space. The highly dense object began to shift the planets rotations, the earth had become unstable. Governments couldn't calm the public, there was nothing they could do. The neutron star was here. Its power beyond their technology. The sun was slowly being devoured by the power of the neutron as it passed its surface. In a few days, it destroyed mercury, and a few days after that, it moved close enough to the earth. The ground became unstable, volcanoes erupted, the whether erratic, tides unstable. The surface began to break apart. People hid in their homes and prayed in vain, as parts of the earth surface jot out into space. The neutron stars strength cracked a piece, leaving behind a shattered remnant of what the earth once was. Life on the planet ceased.


Promt 10

The school has public computers at the library, so I waited in line to finally use it for some research. A weird skinny pale skinned shifty eyed guy stood up and left in a hurry, leaving the computer open for me to use it. Finally I thought, making my way to the very back of the computer room. We didn't need passwords or anything in this one, i always liked that about it. Didn't have to enter my credentials to use them. I noticed an untitled folder saved onto the computer. He must have forgot to delete this after saving it. So, out of curiosity I clock on the folder. A list of files with cryptic titles popped up. Weird. I clicked on the first one titled "Anatomy", opening up to an article about weak points in a human body, places where blood would rush out if shot at. The next one titled manifesto, so I clicked on that one and started reading  it. Word for word, it was talking about murder is the option when people disagree with you. You have that power to snuff out the opposition. The only people that are right are those that aren't dead in the end. The eagle at the top looked familiar to me, quickly looking online revealing that it was indeed a Nazi symbol. Suddenly, from behind, i hear some breathing as someone whispered into my ear saying "Like what you see?"



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