Project 1 - Image Gallery

Project 1 - Image Gallery - student project



Hi all!!


I am excited to announce that I have just completed my first bit of html-coding to create this responsive web-page and it is all thanks to your course!!  


Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in this field with us!!  Teachers like you make our lives as students a lot easier :) .


I have the desire to design my own website.  I dream of coding it myself, and I find that courses like this brings my dream one step closer to reality, and therefore, I am looking forward to your next classes :).


I do however have a confession to make... I used Dreamweaver CC to do the coding , as I already have the program installed on my computer.  I did, however, follow your tutorial as closely as possible to achieve the desired outcome.


Overall, it looks fantastic!! I am truly grateful for providing the codes as well as detailed explanations on why the code is written in a particular way.  I appreciate the explanations very much!! 


Even though I used a different software than what you used during the course, I was able to achieve sort of the same outcomes as you demonstrated in the course.  There were a few minor differences though... I am not sure if you are familiar with Dreamweaver CC, but I was unable to get the "title icon" / "favicon" to show up... I tried it in different internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge, but with no luck... Below is a screenshot of the code that I wrote in Dreamweaver CC, maybe you can spot the mistake?


Kindly note that I didn't link to google fonts, as I used a font that comes native with Dreamweaver CC that I like very much.


Project 1 - Image Gallery - image 1 - student project


Also, here are some screen-shots of the completed project :).


Firstly, the desktop-view:


Project 1 - Image Gallery - image 2 - student project


Tablet View is next:

Project 1 - Image Gallery - image 3 - student project


And last, but not least, here is the mobile view:


Project 1 - Image Gallery - image 4 - student project


Once again - Thank you for this course!  If you happen to have any tips on how I can fix the title icon issue, it will be greatly appreciated, but even if it can't be sorted out - I am still looking forward to start the next lessons ;).



Susara Van Niekerk

Artist, Designer, Lover of Life