Pineapple play

Pineapple play - student project

This class has been on my saved list for ages and at last i found a space of time to complete it.  I purchased a pineapple,  followed along in real time and then spent a happy hour (hours!!) playing with ideas.  Great fun.  Thank you Ohn Mar for sharing such a lovely class .  


Followed along Pineapple play - image 1 - student projectPineapple play - image 2 - student project
Zoomed right in and had fun with abstract 

Pineapple play - image 3 - student project Then spent time just playing

Pineapple play - image 4 - student projectPineapple play - image 5 - student project

Pineapple play - image 6 - student project

Lesley Grainge

Family History Author and Illustrator