My first punching cradle

My first punching cradle - student project

I managed to squeeze this project in my schedule yesterday and I'm so happy!. Up until now, I have used a crafting mat as support or sometimes I even use the needle mid-air to make the hole, which is really uncomfortable and not always safe for hands. 

Since the DIY easel class, I've been saving the backboards from my watercolor pads. Unfortunately they weren't big enough for the longer pieces of this project, so I repurposed the cardboard from a painting I did last year (and didn't like)


My first punching cradle - image 1 - student project


I think it took me less than 2 hrs to complete!

My first punching cradle - image 2 - student project

I could sand the edges and paint it to make it look prettier but, to be honest, I really don't care about those things. After all, this will be my bookbinding working partner and not a decorative piece :D 

I got too excited and took a picture before adding tape to the inner section of the cradle, I really can't wait to use it this weekend!


Thanks Chris!


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