My Very First Creepypasta Attempt

My Very First Creepypasta Attempt - student project




                                   PROMPT: INTRODUCE MYSELF


Hello, everybody. My name is Natalia and I recently got into horror short stories known as creepypastas, and the idea intrigued me so much that I wanted to write one myself.

I may or may not add a picture of my creepypasta to my project soon. Well, here's my very first attempt of writing a creepypasta, so here's hoping y'all like it!

(Btw, please suggest any other names for my creepypasta other than 'Faceless' if you would like. Any ideas of a different name is highly appreciated. Thx!)

Also, my creepypasta is based on the anime character Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia. The character does not belong to me. All rights go to Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of this character.









Inko Midoriya loved her son. That was to be expected of a woman who only had one child and no husband. But needless to say, she was disappointed in the fact that Izuku had no Quirk. No Quirk at all. He was different, and perhaps she thought that he would never amount to much in life.


She never voiced this thought, and she didn't have to. Katsuki Bakugo and his loyal crew of bullies pounded it into Izuku's head every chance they could.


Izuku was fine with this for a while, thinking that Katsuki didn't know better, but soon he started to doubt himself. 


Was he actually enough? Was he going to succeed in life? Was he truly a disappointment to his mother?


Izuku never said anything about these thoughts of his, instead breaking slowly and silently under all the abuse hurled at him, hearing the quiet voices in his head taunting him and telling him that his mother and everyone else viewed him as a failure, and that was all that he would be.


His sanity broke eventually, and over time his hate for Katsuki grew bigger and bigger, until he killed him and his gang after being pushed over his limit.


His sadistic behavior and lust for blood took hold of him, and he developed an immunity to physical pain. His killing spree left the police, FBI, and CIA baffled completely, and his reputation gained him the name of 'Faceless.' Izuku took on this name willingly, and kept on killing ruthlessly.


He soon found another killer just like him, and they became friends. The killer was known as 'The Zodiac killer' to the general public.


When the Zodiac killer betrayed him in the worst way possible, Faceless took his revenge and killed him, then went on with his never-ending life. 


To this day, he doesn't trust anyone else except for himself, and he is still on the loose. No one has ever been able to track him, and his files have been kept secret from the rest of the world. 




Age: Unknown (looks to be about 15)


Eye color: Dark green (fluorescent green at night)


Hair color: Speculated to be either black or green


Appearance: He appears to be a young teenager of about 15 years old. He usually wears a black hoodie with black jeans that are spattered with blood. He seems to walk around barefoot, but it has never been confirmed that he does. Usually he wears a white mask to hide his face, which is also seen bloodstained from time to time. If you see glowing green eyes in the woods at around midnight to three in the morning, that is most likely him watching you. 


TARGETS: Generally young children, but sometimes adults if he's angry enough.


ABILITIES: He can give his victims nightmares, planting a subconscious order in their minds to do his will. He can inflict various plagues on victims. He can drive them insane using a number of different tactics. He can also erase memories of his victims if he chooses, though that rarely happens. 


Goals: Take revenge on all who hurt him (COMPLETED)   Kill anyone he deems a threat to his life (ONGOING)  Kill Jeff the Killer (FAILED)  Kill other serial killers (ONGOING) 

Enemies: Jeff the Killer, any other famous serial killer




He is mostly sadistic, but he's willing to open up to people he deems trustworthy. He really doesn't care about much, but he's very protective of his mother and her well-being. He's insane, but yet he doesn't seem like it, instead hiding his insanity by acting sweet and gentle to his victims. Unless you get on his bad side or he just really doesn't like you, he will generally leave you alone if you see him. 


What to do if you see Faceless:


DO. NOT. SAY. ANYTHING. One of his tactics is to use his victim's words to take control of them. Way too many people fall in that trap and wind up dead. If you get lucky, Faceless won't try to kill you. However, he will attempt to scare you off by flowing blood down from his eye holes in his mask. Usually, Faceless doesn't give away that he's there in the shadows unless he doesn't want you to see him. That's why so little people see him, let alone survive an encounter with him. 


DO NOT TRY TO SUMMON HIM! He will kill you upon seeing you.




Faceless believes that he is the most deadly serial killer, and having Jeff the Killer as a rival irritates him. However, he's failed in his attempts to kill Jeff, so he has reluctantly decided to leave Jeff alone. 




Nobody know the exact reason.


Why is everyone around me so noisy?