My Inner Critic/Inner Support

My Inner Critic/Inner Support - student project

Hello -my name is Meghan. I’ve been so many struggles, ups and downs every 1 to 4 weeks from difficult mental health issues and dealing with my horrendous inner demons most of my life. My feelings have always been ton complicated with others. My inner critic or my inner demons are always been like a dark cloud, a black hole , or a dark small cage that my mind is like it wouldn’t go away. My thoughts are saying to me ‘you’re not good enough’ ‘everybody rejected you because nobody likes your art’ ‘nobody wants to hire a freak like you’,etc. My Inner Critic/Inner Support - image 1 - student project


my inner support is like all I want is to be loved, heard, appreciated, and seen. I don’t ever get much support as I thought I would have as an artist because I’ve always been broken.My Inner Critic/Inner Support - image 2 - student projectthank you again for the class -I hope you like my versions of my inner critic and support pieces