My Class Project

My Class Project - student project

I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot, being still fairly new to watercolours. The techniques and tips were great and I can't wait to explore them further. Below is a scanned image of my finished piece. It was quite fun to paint although I did have a little trouble with my spray bottle which decided to leak everywhere. I also had a limited colour pallette. Nevertheless I'm quite happy with how my painting turned out. Thank you for this class Jean!

My Class Project - image 1 - student project

Below is an edited version of my original piece. I have attempted Jean's suggestions and added more colours over the gaps in the trunks and around the image using the cling wrap technique. I hope it has improved the piece at least a little. I can't remember if I adjusted the levels in photoshop with my first scan but I have adjusted them in the second. 

My Class Project - image 2 - student project

Emma Jane Shaw

Hobby Artist