Live my Purpose

Live my Purpose - student project


S.M.A.R.T Goals




  • My work is featured at the Society of Illustrators - by December 2028.
  • I comfortably make between $75 to $80K yearly from art licensing, commissions, products, and book sales - by December 2028.


  • I maintain the healthy lifestyle that I have created.


  • I write and illustrate 2 best selling graphic novels and 2 best selling children's books
    - by December 2028.
  • I move more of my focus on fine art and murals - by December 2028.




  • I have a clients list that consist of The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and other prestigious publications -by January 2023
  • I have gained numerous commissions for mural in several major cities - by January 2023


  • I am a full-time vegan -by January 2023
  • I have successfully maintain 15% body fat and gained 20lbs of muscle  - by January 2023


  • I write and illustrate 1 best selling graphic novel - by January 2023
  • I have learned the art of classic realistic painting - by January 2023
  • I have attended Illustration and Picture Book workshops sponsored by SCBWI - by January 2023




  • I start my freelance illustration business  -by January 2019
  • I have a revamped portfolio site with more current illustrations -by January 2019


  • I will transition to a plant-based diet  -by January 2019
  • I will commit to joining a gym and working out three times a week  - by October 2018


  • I have added mural painting and motion graphic design to my skill set  -by January 2019
  • I have written the first draft of my graphic novel - by January 2019


Morning Routine

Wake up time: 6am

Journal / Sketch


Review planner



Evening Routine


Dinner/Prep Next Day Lunch

Review tasks

Set 3 next day tasks



Accountable (30 - 60 - 90)



  • Research ways to transition from meat to plant based diet.
  • Find Bodybuilding routine for beginners
  • Complete Aaron D. Illustration course on Skillshare
  • Read "Illustration That Works"
  • Complete Editorial Illustration exercise in book




  • Free Trial Membership at Crunch Gym
  • Reinstate Squarespace site.
  • Find motion graphics tutorials online.
  • Work Gym Membership in budget.
  • Find Food Co-op in area.
  • Read "Text and Image"
  • Complete Skillshare courses:
    1. Editorial Illustration: Draw Idioms the "Designy" Way
    2. Expressive Illustration: From Ideas to Execution
    3.Graphic Illustration: Boldly Design with Color and Shape
  • Find Vegan Recipes



  • Apply for mural training program in Phil. Deadline is 9/28/18
  • Read "15 Steps to Freelance Illustration"
  • Complete exercises in corresponding workbook
  • Create a solid time for the gym.
  • Choose one day to go "Meatless"
  • Complete Skillshare course:
    1.Digital Illustration: Drawing with Shapes and Layers
    2.True Grit: Handmade Textures & Halftones for Designers & Illustrators
    3. Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow



  • Apply for EIN number for business.
  • Read "Marketing Illustration"
  • Choose two days to go meatless
  • Complete Skillshare courses:
    1.Digital Illustration For Designers : Combine Shapes & Texture To Create Intricate Artwork
    2. Learn the Ins and Outs of Illustrator
    3.Animated Illustrations




Lesson 1 - Artistic Vision and 10 Year Vision

Your Artistic Vision

** What art form am I passionate about?

I’m passionate about a few forms of art, but mainly illustration, fine art painting, and mural painting.

** What am I  good at?

Drawing, Painting, Idea generation, Adobe Creative Suite

** How would I spend the day with an unlimited budget?

I would spend the first half of the morning in my studio working on a painting or illustration piece. Then I would take a break and travel to a coffee shop to do some sketches or do some reading to generate some ideas for new pieces. I would spend the latter part of the evening wrapping up work in my studio.

** What is something that I would do for free (a service or skill that you would volunteer your time doing)?

Illustration or a painting.

** What art medium would I try if I knew I would be incredibly successful at it?

Mural painting and/or animation

** What is something I would like to do before this year is over?

Enroll in VCU’s Communication Art and continue my education so that I can complete my BFA.

** What is something I've always wanted to do but have been too afraid to do?

Learn how to create large-scale paintings.

**What often gets in the way of me creating in my craft on a daily basis?

Distractions and lack of a plan.

** Do I truly believe in myself?


** What am I really afraid of when it comes to art?

My fear is that I'm not skilled enough to make it as a successful artist.

** How would my life be different if I pursued my craft professionally?

I would feel like I'm truly living out my purpose.

** How would my art be different if I worked at it every day without fail?

I would develop the skills needed to succeed. I would also have built l more update to date body of work.

** Who have I shared my talents with?

Friends, Family, and Social Media

** What art medium gives me the most fun experience when I use it?

Painting - particularly gouache, acrylic, and oil.

** How many hours a week do I put into my craft?

5 to 10 hours

** How many hours a week would I like to put into my craft?

15 to 25 hours

** What have I always wanted to try but been too afraid or made too many excuses to try?

Doing large-scale paintings.


Your Written Vision

Where I see myself as transitioning out of being an illustrator and moving more towards being a fine artist who works in large scale. By this time, I would have built a sizable body of work as an illustrator - with my work being featured in The New Yorker, Time Magazine, and other popular publications. I would have across have published a couple of children's books and have delved into graphic novels. However, I see the remainder of my career as a large-scale painter and muralist traveling the globe creating pieces. But, as I travel the globe, I see my home based being Richmond, VA.