Life is a Gift Color Changing Mug

Life is a Gift Color Changing Mug - student project

Thank you for the inspiration, Shelley! First, I crafted a couple simple mugs with different designs, then tried the color changing version you suggested. The whole process became much easier after a few trial runs. I spent the most time just trying to figure out how to enlarge an image on a product until I stumbled on the drag feature. It's a little blue box on the bottom of the image you've uploaded on the create screen (doesn't matter if you've sized it correctly in Canva or some other graphic design tool, you'll still need to do this). In fact, I had so much fun designing that I crafted a variety of products I've had in mind for some time. The name of my new shop is Inspired Life ( and I hope the items will make others smile too! Best wishes, everyone.

Karen Ray

Memoir Coach