Lava Lamps (grid recipe)

Lava Lamps (grid recipe) - student project

Thanks for a great class!

 I loved using the grid recipe because it took the guesswork out of balancing the pattern. I don't love that the grid results in a diagonal line of the same motif across every pattern. I think I'll play around with the general idea of this recipe to see if there's a way I can flip some motifs around to make it balanced but without the diagonal repeat. 

(original lava lamps)

Here's an example of something I'm playing with. This is not my usual style and the colors really need work. Not sure how much more I want to play with this pattern, though. The lava lamp idea was just part of a sketch-a-day challenge I'm doing this year so it worked to use it for this class.

Lava Lamps (grid recipe) - image 1 - student project


I had fun playing around with weird color tools in Photoshop. I like to use the gradient map tool and curves to see what wacky combos I can get. You can get the gradient map tool to work sort of like the recolor art tool in Illustrator if you turn your design to B&W first and adjust all of the grays. It's not exactly the same (the recolor art tool is SO GOOD), but it does allow you to play around with a few different color schemes without having to apply them individually to each layer. 

(after toying around with a bunch of color tools for fun)

Lava Lamps (grid recipe) - image 2 - student project

Hopefully, I can get the half-drop pattern recipe figured out.

Also! For reference, I used Illustrator to put together all of the recipes (circles with numbers) and check them to make sure that they work. Then I exported these as individual .ai and .png files so I can use these in both vector and raster softwares. I tend to use raster software because my computer is OLD and Illustrator crashes constantly (it was a struggle for several hours to even get the circles and numbers for the recipes). I'm getting a new machine this year and will be working more in Illustrator again like I used to, so I want templates ready for this.

Question—half drop issue

I haven't gotten the half-drop recipes to work yet (past the 4-color/4-motif one that you shared in class). The numbers work out when I do a 4-color/motif one, but then when I add more it doesn't work when you start with 4 (see the question I posted in the main class with a screenshot).  Not sure what I'm doing wrong there.


Half Drop Test—12 motifs

I often like to paint a page full of similar motifs, like different types of ice cream or different mugs. Usually, I end up with 12 or more motifs. I thought I wold test the half drop pattern recipe, but I don't think I did the recipe right.

Here's the recipe

Lava Lamps (grid recipe) - image 3 - student project

Here's the design from the recipe 

Lava Lamps (grid recipe) - image 4 - student projectLava Lamps (grid recipe) - image 5 - student project

The balance is off and there are two strong diagonal lines instead of there just being a nice half drop balanced pattern. I feel like I should have just built this without the recipe like I used to. 

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