Kermit the frog in Blender.

Kermit the frog in Blender. - student project

Fun project to do,and with explanations of teacher is easy to follow.And is amazing give life to the character with Mixamo software.I know the project was to do another muppet,but I wanted to start following the class with Kermit,a dear character in maybe all the countries.Particularly I liked how put texture,and the easy way to make the necklace of Kermit.

Thanks to the teacher for sharing her knowledge and of course I recommend the class.

I don´t know why,but Cycles didn´t work in my pc,so I made the pose from Mixamo in Eevee.

But the result unrealistic don´t like me too much,so after I made another render in Keyshot,a little more realistic.

Finally I render a video just like test,to see the character in movement.