Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Increase Facebook Page Engagement  - student project

Hi My name is Steve and here is my project for increasing the Facebook Page engagement.

I decided to do a short video but I was wondering about the first few seconds of the video that comes after the opening screen image. 

That is where I'm talking about why it is important to follow the steps. The problem is that if the viewer hasn't turned on the audio, it looks like a static image because nothing is moving while a yapping away.

So I put an arrow within the video on the right site saying to turn on the audio.

We'll see if this works.

Either way, Thank you Diego for your tips and all your other courses as well.

Here is the link to my Facebook Page so everyone can come on over hit the Like button & adjust the setting so more of my posts will get through.

- Steve D.

Steve Dougherty

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