I <3 Succulents

I <3 Succulents - student project

I've always wanted to paint succulents because I really LOVE them, but it seemed daunting. As with all Sandra's classes, she simplified the process and made it doable! Thank you Sandra for another brilliant class :).

I <3 Succulents - image 1 - student project

A little about my process ...

I picked plants that I thought would make a nice mix of color, shape and size from 3 different pots of succulents. I began by sketching them into a single composition and then transferred the sketch onto Arches Hot Press Bright White 140lb watercolor paper using a lightbox:

I <3 Succulents - image 2 - student project

I <3 Succulents - image 3 - student project

I used masking fluid to protect the white areas of the stripy succulent whilst I applied the washes:

I <3 Succulents - image 4 - student project

Using the wet in wet technique was very challenging for me because the climate I live in is hot and dry. The paper doesn't stay wet for long enough to allow time for working and blending of the paint. Sandra's technique of using a wet wash of paint and dropping in color was new to me and was partially workable, even in my climate :). After I laid down the initial washes, I was able to add detail using wet on dry layers.

Since finishing this project, I've discovered Winsor and Newton's Blending Medium which increases drying time and flow of paint on the paper. Next time, when attempting the wet in wet technique, I will use the fluid and I know my project will be more successful :).

I made the painting for display in my home ...

I <3 Succulents - image 5 - student project

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