Gucci Gucci

Gucci Gucci - student project

Hello everyone,

My name is Will Wheaton and my layout is fashion inspired. There was no original article for me so I mocked it up based off images I found appealing to me while surfing the net. This is my first time using the grid method and making layouts for an article. Usually its flyers and small things of the sort. 

I also enjoyed doing this so much I had a hard time deciding on one layout and wanted to provide a variety of options for your viewing pleasure. Also hoping to receive helpful critique that can help me grow in this field of graphic design. I am currently working to become a creative professional. So I appreciate any and all comments in advance.

Thank You,


Gucci Gucci - image 1 - student project

Layout 2

Gucci Gucci - image 2 - student project

Layout 3

Gucci Gucci - image 3 - student project

Layout 4

Gucci Gucci - image 4 - student project