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Dear Andy,

I’m not sure what has happened to your store lately, but I am very annoyed. The other day I came in to buy five items and only one was in stock. The employee was not at all helpful, and in fact seemed irritated that I was asking for her assistance. When I come in to a store I do not expect that they will necessarily have everything, but at least the majority should be available. That was just not the case at your store, in fact there were not even substitute items that were close to what I was looking for. I ended up leaving with only one item and another chore on my list since I had to visit another store before going home. The manager Cynthia, told me that you have had some delivery issues lately. I’m sorry that is the case, but as a customer if I can not rely on your having what I need when I visit I may need to just go to another store all together. I know that you purchased this store from Mr. Andrews a year ago when he retired it might be a good idea for you to visit with him and find out how he was able to maintain his inventory. When Mr. Andrews owned the store I never had such an experience as I had at your store the other day. As I said I am very annoyed but I am also sad. I would hate to see the store go downhill and other customers leave because they have not been able to get what they came for. The location of the store is so convenient to the neighborhood and it would be really sad to lose it. Excuse me let me repeat that, and IT WOULD REALLY BE SAD TO LOSE IT! I hope that you can get this corrected right away. For me I will take a week or two and shop somewhere else. I will however come back to your store because you are my preference. I hope by that point your delivery problems will have been taken care of, and I can get back to shopping as usual. If you have any questions about my letter, please let me know. Otherwise I hope that you will take action on this right away, so that your store can be helpful to the neighborhood once again.


Sincerely, Daniel Martin