Flex Your creativity Workshop: assignment 2

Flex Your creativity Workshop: assignment 2 - student project

This second section of the workshop was a lot tougher for me than the first. I definitely procrastinated getting it done as I found the exercises to be pretty emotionally challenging and I'm not used to getting really deep in the art I create. I'm glad I did it, as challenge is often good for us, but it wasn't a walk in the park. And I, of course, struggled with trying to emulate the instructors style while still staying true to what I'm seeing emerge as my own style. I wasn't able to complete all five assignments yet, but I *might* attempt the final two. Truth be told, I'm really scared of that cartoon assignment. So I should probably make time for it. 


The Gratitude exercise was by far my favorite-- because it didn't really force me to process anything difficult! And ultimately I really did enjoy all the exercises I did. Thanks very much to Mari for this class!