First dialogue

First dialogue - student project

‘Good morning, Faye.’ said the blonde elf, a bright smile adorning his face.

‘Hey, Lorne.’ said Faye. ‘Sorry I took so long. I had to get dressed.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’ Lorne said. ‘Feeling better?

‘Yeah, I’m good.’ said Faye.

‘That’s great.’ said the elf. ‘Look I hate to be the bearer of potentially bad news…’

‘Go on.’ Faye said, cocking her head forward and widening her eyes.

‘Jean called in sick.’ said the elf.

‘And you’re saying I have to cover for him…?’ Faye said.

‘You’re the only one available.’ Lorne said.

‘No… no… no.’ Faye said, shaking her head.

‘You’ve been gone from work for a week already, and Madame wants you back now.’ Lorne said. ‘With Jean gone we really need a couple of extra hands for tonight.’

‘I’m not available, I have plans today! The Madame knows that!’ Faye said, frowning and looking Lorne in the eyes.

Lorne took a step back and made a calming gesture with his hands. ‘Look, I’m just the messenger. If you’re gonna yell at someone, yell at the Madame.’

Flustered, Faye took a step back as well, ‘Right, I-I’m sorry. I just had a shitty morning and now I-’ Faye sighed deeply and put her hand across her face.

Lorne cocked his head. ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yeah... I just… really didn’t need this right now.’

‘I can see that. You still don’t look too good.’ He shrugged. ‘But what do I know? I’m not gonna pry.’

‘Thanks.’ Faye said, managing an appreciative smile. ‘She’s a damn slaver, that woman.’

Lorne let out a bemused chuckle, his smile returning. ‘That she is.’

‘Tell her I’ll be down soon. There’s no rush is there?’ said Faye.

‘No rush.’ said Lorne.

‘Then I’ll take my time.’ said Faye. She nodded her goodbye and moved to close the door.

‘Wait.’ Lorne said, putting his hand on the door. ‘I know I said I wasn’t gonna pry but… I just want to make sure you take care proper of yourself.’

‘Don’t worry about me.’ Faye said, managing a smile. ‘See you soon.’ Lorne smiled back and nodded his goodbye as he let go of the door. It closed with a heavy thud and Faye twisted the lock.