First Oil painting ever! :)

First Oil painting ever! :) - student project

Thanks to Sarah for breaking the tutorial down for a complete beginner like me, I was able to complete my first (water mixable) Oil Painting. I didn't have any of the colors she used but tried to get somewhere close with the colors that I had. It took me several days to complete. I found that I needed time away so I didn't rush into anything and it was mentally draining, like she mentioned it could be. I'm pleased with my first attempt overall except I can now see that I didn't fully cover up my grid line. Oh well you live and you learn. Speaking of learning .. reflections are hard. I learned that next time I might not give so many branches to my trees if I plan to fully reflect them.:) Also I used my kids table top easel that my husband built, that was the first time that I have ever used an easel to paint. I'm a watercolorist and usually paint flat on a table so that was a bit different, but such a fun experience.First Oil painting ever! :) - image 1 - student project