Finished Cow Painting

Finished Cow Painting - student project

Finished Cow Painting - image 1 - student project

Here's my finished cow painting used in the class. I started painting cows many years ago while living in rural Suffolk, VA. After driving past the many cow farms near our home I decided to pull over one day and paint them. So glad I did! As many artists know certain subjects really connect and cows sis it for me. And to make it even better my collectors absolutely love them as well.

I encourage artists to always paint what they connect with & love. And never stray away for too long because these subjects will help you grow & evolve over time. I blogged about this if you care to have a read - VIEW BLOG POST.

Cows have helped my art in many ways and very thankful to have them as a go-to subject.

Cheers & happy painting...


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