Example Project: Animate a Snow Globe in After Effects

Example Project: Animate a Snow Globe in After Effects - student project





Instagram Description:

The inspiration for this snow globe is from "the day" it snowed in Florida. I moved from Kansas City, MO, during the summer, and was a bit disappointed by the cold that we were having in Orlando, FL, during the winter. When I called my dad he was comparing the weather with me and we both thought it was kind of funny, because sometimes I'm in shorts and sometimes I have a jacket on, but he has negative degrees, black ice and has his own drywall company (so the only thing keeping him warm are the heaters he brings in). Which means I probably don't have anything to complain about and I have a feeling he’s going to visit me soon. If you’d like to learn how to animate your own snow globe, click the link in my bio; it will bring you to my newly published Skillshare class: Animate a Snow Globe in After Effects.


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Here's another example of what you can do with this class:


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