Drawing woodland adorables

Drawing woodland adorables - student project

The class is so relaxing to do and the results are so adorable. Here are all the fuzzy and cute animals. I got more comfortable with the style later on so I was able to make something new and something outside of the type of things I usually make.



I decided to make two hedgehogs because I wanted to experiment with colours and the eyes. I think this turned out to be my fav till now. I usually do not mix media and the white pen was a new thing. Yay!

Drawing woodland adorables - image 1 - student project



The owl turned out so adorable!!! I loved the colours used by yasmina. The sakura and blue owl,,,, idk, super fave.Drawing woodland adorables - image 2 - student project



I- made a lot of mistakes in this one...it was difficult to make for me. Have the lineart as well for this one...Drawing woodland adorables - image 3 - student project

He looks adorable but I mixed colours up :( I like froggos so I was a bit sad I could not draw it properly but it still looks cute ig.

Drawing woodland adorables - image 4 - student project

For the next few ones, I will try to not rush through the process and go slowly, waiting for each one to dry properly.



Experimented with the shell design for this one. I switched to white paint for the highlights and I think it turned out well. I really loved making heart eyes instead. This is one of my favs now XD

Drawing woodland adorables - image 5 - student project



I decided to make a brown bear because I did not have the mulberry colour. Added some extra foliage around because I thought they would look nice. This one is quite different from yasmina's UwU

Drawing woodland adorables - image 6 - student project



The fox has such children book illustration vibes oof. I couldn't get the shading perfect but I enjoy the final result for it.

Drawing woodland adorables - image 7 - student project



This was so relaxing to paint. I love the simplicity of the bunny :D

Drawing woodland adorables - image 8 - student project



I made a blue squirrel instead because my bear was brown. Such a mischievous looking squirrel it is. Loved the idea of putting a strawberry instead of an acorn.

Drawing woodland adorables - image 9 - student project



Oh my god, the raccoon and the frog could compete for how many mistakes I can possibly make. For the raccoon, light went away for us and so I could not dry it out. The colors turned out too dark and the color bled through at least five times. I accidently swiped my hand over undried paint twice so yeah...but I stuck to it and reached the end! poor baby racoon.

Drawing woodland adorables - image 10 - student project



 It was a bit difficult for me especially because I do not have any waterproof markers but like I was told- don't give up, I continued. A little bit of mistakes were made but I am happy with how it turned out. I love the magical and whimsical vibes it has. Yay! last painting finished. I am feeling proud of myself right now XD

Drawing woodland adorables - image 11 - student project


That is all for now, will see you all some other time! All the animals look so super adorable, I cannot. I want them with me.

The class was a good learning experience and I would like to experiment with mixed media and more white color in my general drawings as well, it looks so fun and so cute.

Kiri P.

freelance artist and student