Dog Hat

Dog Hat - student project

I always joke that when my dog dies, I'll turn him into a hat. So, my before & after theme is Dog Hat.

Too morbid?

I use humor to cope with reality. 

Here are my initial sketches for layout:

Dog Hat - image 1 - student project

I'm typically a line-drawer.

My first approach was this layout/concept of stacking girl/dog-hat/and then dog spirit on top.

Dog Hat - image 2 - student project

And since I'm typically a line-drawer, I played with brush and inks. Playing with layers, as suggested.

Dog Hat - image 3 - student project

This is where I landed, and it felt too morbid and sad. I think it'd take some extra time to get the right tone for a taxidermy hat.

Dog Hat - image 4 - student project

PS: I'm not blonde.

So I removed the dog-hat altogether because the before/after concept of the dog-hat is still there in spirit!

Dog Hat - image 5 - student project

And I enjoyed the idea of him posing on a top-bun. Echoes a tiny planet.

Played with layers and textures again.

Dog Hat - image 6 - student project

My dog hates crows.

Dog Hat - image 7 - student project

Dog Hat - image 8 - student project

Resulting in these two illustrations. They still look a little too serious for me.

But I learned SO MUCH. Turns out I love going all loose and brushy and seeing some of the photoshop techniques blew my mind and has opened up a ton more possibilities for me. 

Loved the class, thank you so much!

Kaela Graham