Cover letter - sample for review by instructor

Cover letter - sample for review by instructor - student project

Leslie A. Thielen

Frazee, MN 56544   ∙   21*-***-**** ∙


Paul Knutson

Vice President – Human Resources

Otter Tail Power Company                               

215 South Cascade Street

Fergus Falls, MN 56537                                                March 16, 2017



Re:  Senior Attorney open position – Requisition Number 17-0065                                                         


Dear Mr. Knutson:


Please accept this submission as my application for the Senior Attorney position – Requisition Number 17-0065.

            In the nine years since graduating from law school, I have tried many things in an attempt to broaden my knowledge while also narrowing down my strengths and where I feel I can be of most service to the public.  In developing my business-centered practice, I have cultivated and maintained a fascination with the wide-spectrum of issues that face businesses.  And while I enjoy my current position, my long-term goal has always been to obtain a position in-house with a respectable and solid company.  Growing up in Detroit Lakes, I am well aware of the long-standing reputation of Otter Tail Power Company and this solidifies why I felt compelled to respond to job posting.

I am confident that my skill set- including drafting, review and interpretation of contracts of all shapes and sizes in industries including software, employment, commercial real estate, construction, to name a few- will be valuable to the work Otter Tail Power does in relation to the FERC. More specifically, one of my current clients is a sophisticated commercial real estate investor and it is my responsibility to organize, manage and see to completion upwards of 6 multi-million dollar transactions at any given time. I am self-reliant and a self-starter, as evidence by my being tasked with heading the trademark practice in my current firm and doing so with little-to-no initial knowledge of trademark practice. Our firm now regularly files and defends trademark applications on behalf of numerous clients.

            In closing, I will briefly summarize what I bring to the table.  I am an honest, hard-working, reliable person, who also happens to be an attorney.  Above all, I am capable.  I am capable of doing whatever is asked of me, whether it is something I have experience with or something that I need to educate myself on, it will get done.  I am a natural and eager learner, something that I feel is critical to the field of law, as it is rarely static.  And all of this is done with a (decent) sense of humor.

            I appreciate your taking the time to read this introduction.  I am happy to provide any other information you may wish to review and I would welcome the opportunity to meet, if you are so inclined. 


Very truly yours,




Leslie A. Thielen

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