Cover letter - Press and Information Assistant Position

Cover letter - Press and Information Assistant Position - student project



October XX, 2017

Dear Hiring Committee at EU,


I would like to apply for the position of Press and Information Assistant at EU Embassy. I believe the skills I have developed in the publishing industry would contribute to EU’s public diplomacy goals. My experience includes content editing, social media and information management. 

As a digital editor at XXX, I acted as a liaison between the editorial and the technical department. My biggest responsibility was ensuring the quality of more than 700 digital contents, so I developed excellent information management skills. The digital contents I created are currently being used in other 7 countries across Latin America. For the last three years, I also have been monitoring communications between my team members at XXXX. I have managed all aspects of the assessment process, including writing guidelines, organizing workshops and solving inquiries. My team has always shown some of the best performance statistics.
While I was the editorial assistant of XXX  journal, I had the task of increasing their social media presence. I focused on developing engaging visual content to convey their core values. For instance, I highlighted quotes and photos of the most cited Latin-American authors of the journal. I included words that could be easily traced through search engines. My strategy involved as well maintaining consistency and coherence through statements and other documents for their website. This doubled our followers in a few weeks. 

In closing, If given the opportunity, I would be eager to further discuss my experience and meet the communications team. Thank you for considering me for this position. 



Nathalie Rodriguez

(Aspiring) Digital editor