Botanical illustration

Botanical illustration - student project

Hi Everyone

I am so excited to share my botanical sketch with you all. It was a sunny afternoon when me and my family were returning home. And, I had a feeling that we were near the same walkway near my house. So we were there which is my favorite place to be, here it is. 

Sketch illustration minutes awayBotanical illustration - image 1 - student project

InstagramBotanical illustration - image 2 - student project

Botanical illustration - image 3 - student project


My image of Botanical illustration is ready. 

Thank you Sara so very much for your class and it is amazing that I can now sketch. I have used Watercolor and Micro tip pens as I didn't have the Gouache. But, the paint is perfect as I could highlight the surroundings.


Cheers !!!




Namrata Desai

Graphic designer artist