Banana cutout in Photoshop

Banana cutout in Photoshop - student project

Thanks to a very thorough class from Darwid, this is the result of my first attempt.

I used the magnetic pen tool for the first pass, but there were a small amount of blue and pink pixels left over from the background. After saving my selection, I went back in and tried select > colour range and then the eraser to get rid of those few pixels. This also gave me a chance to redefine my saved selection.

I played with the hues of the banana and background separately and then finished with a drop shadow.

Brilliant class – highly recommended! I'm no longer fearful of the pen tool, but I do need lots of practice! I will be checking out Darwid's other classes for sure.

Many thanks.


Banana cutout in Photoshop - image 1 - student project


Banana cutout in Photoshop - image 2 - student project

Amanda Hepburn

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