Answering the questions

Answering the questions - student project


A mix between pilot and engineer. I should plan my days more because most of the time I just do stuff without any kind of schedule.
And some things I just spent way too much time on where I could easily be more efficient. However, when I start something, I make sure that I finish it


I would say, that I'm avoiding my responsibilities and also my discipline. Like, I could do something more productive, but then I just say to myself "Maybe tomorrow"


One major goal I want to achieve is definitely to be financially free. I can make this more pleasurable by reminding myself of all of the benefits.
I can put money on the line, because the earlier I make an investment or start a business, the earlier I can achieve this goal.
The outcome is very desirable because then I can focus on developing myself way more.


At work, I had to activate like 20 different accounts via an email link and this was simple, but also interesting enough to achieve a flow state where I went full-on plane mode and was extremely focused.
This was because it had to be done and I just didn't wanna keep waiting until the clients did it themselves.
I think I can manufacture this by just thinking to myself "This needs to be done now, don't wait any longer"


Making my own social media platform. If I only had 6 months I would probably spend way more time on it than usual. In 24 hours it would be impossible.
As mentioned above I want to be financially free. In 6 months it would be possible if I start several side hustles and earn enough passive income from crypto. In 24 hours it would also be impossible unless I get a lucky 1000X on an investment
Reading 10 books until the end of the year. It's June now so that means I only have 6 months left either way. In 24 hours it would be really hard (and not really a good idea)


I want to create a Skillshare class in the future and I think that a good script is already 80% of the work.
On the other hand, I research a lot about other business ideas but then don't really apply them or just ignore it.


I continued reading a book


1) Reading more books for a longer period of times
2) Setting more goals and working more towards them
3) Having a daily schedule

Making a routine and having more discipline


At work when there isn't much to do I could take the time to read my goals again or track my calories.


I want to make online businesses so I could watch YT videos about these topics instead of other stuff

Tracking calories. It would be more enjoyable if I do it right after eating and not before I go to bed

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