4x6 on 5x7

4x6 on 5x7 - student project

Oh Hai. 

Thanks for this class Erin. It is small, but important. I myself had questions about this. Now, I have done smaller prints because I still don't have the bravery to do the Etsy shop. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for it or if I have the money to invest on something that might not get any attention online at all! 

I made these smaller prints to see if some local shops will carry them around, but that isn't going so well because of my health I have a hard time getting around. Anyway, I still have plans for them somehow. I have plans to go bigger. 

My questions is, being the 4x6 on 5x7, or 5x7 on 8x10, some of the print sometimes gets cut off. I had the printery make my 4x6 prints, and the matting only shows 3.5x5. Same with the larger sizes ... it cuts off a teeny portion, which is fine for the one of my heart. But for the girl with braids or my adderall picture, it cuts off part of the composition that make the layout make more sense. Bubble placement is important! The Kitthy Kahlo, my prickly pears don't display fully!


What would you do? Leave as is, or have the picture reduced to fit better into the matte?

I noticed in your Familia Sagrada it cuts off a negligent portion so I see you kept it as is. Maybe the buyer won't mind, but it drives me crazy lol. What say you, boss?

P.S. Any thoughts on just taking the financial risk to sell online? I would have to buy matting and mail packaging, and I have no income. Only the random dolla bills from a random painting. Is it worth diving into?




















Paint all the things!