3/4 view first pose in wobbley lines!

3/4 view first pose in wobbley lines! - student project

First pose for the 3/4 view ...I found this really hard! I had to go through the steps several times. The hips were always wrong.....so, I tilted the hips...was that wrong? Also, positioning the waist was hard...I think I've made her too wide.

My second pose ( sorry about the wobbley lines..still not used to drawing on the tablet!)...anyway, this seemed a bit easier than the first because the angle isn't as twisted. Although, I think I've made her too thick around the waist..poor girl. I found some other references on pinterest without clothes...so that might help me.

My third 3/4 pose..a little bit easier because the reference was in a bikini but still struggled with hip placement! I feel that I am improving in the first two stages but my lines for the final stage are so bad!

Pose four....this was probably the hardest..again I had trouble positioning the hips. This young lady has a much nicer figure than I have given her..sorry! I will need to practice 3/4 view a lot more but I am happy with the start I have made.