#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 97

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 97 - student project

This was a great class to take right before New Year's Day. Below are some nuggets that I took from each section. 


-If your working away from home, you should consider your travel costs in your rate.

-When working from home you might want to put a fixed price. 



-Quoting is the first step to a successful and smooth project. (Be as specific as possible.)

-Cover yourself for any unforeseen circumstances. 


Invoicing and Chasing Money:

-Make sure you know your clients payment times upfront.

-Consider asking for money or a percentage upfront on bigger jobs.


Keeping Track of Your Accounts:

-She dedicates one day each month to keep track of incoming money and out coming money. 



-Use the downtime in your business to go on vacation or work on personal projects. 




Cover art image drawn by me::

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 97 - image 1 - student project

JJ Anthony

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