loving it all

loving it all - student project

So in the end I really didn’t have a favorite project but I had some I didn’t enjoy as much. I feel that I always learn a lot, not just about drawing or watercolours or whatever but also about myself.

Some things I learnt:

    •    colour swatches are not my thing. They drive me a little crazy. I'm not a very structured person and I just want to get on with learning other things.

    •    I have more cutsy in me than I thought I did and unexpectedly those swatches and blending blobs brought it out of me. They ended up turning into something else and won’t be all that much of a reference tool :-/

    •    having crappy tools is frustrating to no end. My brushes are awful and the watercolor paper I had was too flimsy. These are good things to learn and rectify.

    •    to my surprise my dad’s ancient ’Schminke’ watercolor set is still mostly fine. It’s great to learn with and makes me remember him and the warmth and love he had.

    •    I love, love, love this drawing journey I’m on, even with the crappy brushes. I just couldn’t stop trying things out, which is why there are other little bits and pieces floating around here and there amongst the projects.

    •    and lots more but I’m not about to write a book just yet… ;-)


I'm sorry if I end up blabbing on about it all, I know I have a severe case of verbal diarrhea sometimes.


All of them out there on the kitchen table, except ehhmmm… how did the balloons end up there???


The dreaded swatches ended up with a life of their own


Added ink to the leaves because I love the watercolour and ink feel


If I really had to name a favourite, the feather would probably be it. Got inspired to do more and others


cactus practus



I really wasn’t happy with my galaxy and I’d seen those round ones that some people do. Sadly I produced mostly potato galaxies and egg planets… :-/ Not so easy to stay within a circle. Should I mask it off?


'hello' was my biggest challenge. I don’t have tombows - yet - and I have terrible hangups about my handwriting to start with. I know handlettering is different but I have to get over a huge hurdle for that one. Anywho, the only reason I’m putting this up, is just to know that I tried, with a brush, with watercolours and with difficulties.


Thanks again Peggy for making this so inspiring!