Wooden Key tattoo

Wooden Key tattoo - student project

Hey, I'm Jon. This will be my first tattoo ever.

I think I knew for years that I wanted a tattoo but never thought about what it would be or where it would go. I've always wanted my "to-be-tattoo" to mean something. At the time I didn't know what I wanted it to mean.

When I finally got around to figuring out what I wanted this thing to mean, it too me some time, but I landed on something that I could get behind. 

What is the significance?

The key for me represents my ability to open doors to new opportunities. It reminds me that the only person that will be in my way for any decision I make is myself. I have my initials below the key to serve as my pledge to be more aware and to honor that line of thinking.

What I thought was interesting was the way I made the head of the key. It reminded me of a seed in a way; and I didn't draw it that way intentionally. It got me thinking: with the more risks I take and the more opportunities I open for myself, the seed can grow. 

Who knows. I might end up with a sleeve down the line somewhere. 

What kind of style are you going for?

I really wanted to design it myself and draw it out myself. Not really sure how to describe that in more detail...

I definitely wanted some sort of calligraphic element in it. I'm infatuated with black letter calligraphy and practice it in my spare time. 

Where will it go?

I'm planning on placing it just above my right elbow, going up my upper arm. 

Wooden Key tattoo - image 1 - student project

Jon Lavalley

Graphic Designer/Illustrator