Watercolor Experiments

Watercolor Experiments - student project

I'm just starting out with watercolors, I was using some water-reactive brush pens, but got a starter pan of Cotman water colors to do this class! All experiments were done on Arteza watercolor paper - I found that it took a lot of water, and even the shorter times didn't spread much. Might look into other papers to see what happens there.

Watercolor Experiments - image 1 - student project


I realized on experiment 2 that I should probably start with the darker color, so that's what it ended up changing halftway through. Again, not a ton of blending on the stripes, but I was able to get more blending on the circles. Watercolor Experiments - image 2 - student project


Experiment 3 was really interesting as I was adding water - appreciated that we got to play with this more in the bonus project!

Watercolor Experiments - image 3 - student project


Did a few attempts here and played a bit with my timing between the tree layers. Top left was the first attempt, and I actually really like the layering I got there. Bottom version was the final attempt.


Watercolor Experiments - image 4 - student project